The new PlayNav video browser App will block all ads so you can watch your favorite videos without any interruption!

Without paying for subscriptions!


Watch your videos while you use any other Apps, when activated the player will be placed in reduced size on the screen, you can move or hide it by moving it or double tapping on it.

You can activate it in two ways:
1. While you are playing any video you can use the PIP icon on the top left (shaped like two squares), your video will be displayed on the screen (once active you can do anything else with your iPhone).

2. While playing any videos, touch and hold on the bottom bar of your iPhone and drag up, the player will be on the screen! (you can do anything else with your iPhone).


Listen to the audio tracks of your favorite videos with your iPhone screen locked. Use it while you do any other activity in your day to day or simply when you go to sleep (combine this functionality with automatic shutdown and you can rest while the audio of your favorite videos plays).

How to activate:
2. Then lock your iPhone and the audio track will continue to play.


Bedtime? Browse your video or playlist, schedule your sleep and let the audio of your favorite videos accompany you while you fall asleep.

How to activate:

Touch the Sleep icon (Moon) that you will find in the player.
Select the time in which you want your automatic shutdown.
If you prefer, use it with the AUDIO TRACKS mode only, in the upper part you will find how to activate it.

LEARNING MODE (Learn Languages With Subtitles)

Now you can learn languages using subtitles, when you activate the learning mode you will see the original subtitle of the video and the subtitle in your language, you can change the playback speed to better understand each word that is being said.

How to activate:

1. Important: Search for videos in the language you are learning, to do so enter your search in that language.

2. Once you select and start playing your video, just use the Learn Mode button that is on the right side of the video title 🙂


Enjoy YouTube like a PRO!

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